Tuesday, October 23, 2007




Kathy said...

I would love to have the password to your new blog. I read your blog all of the time but have never posted a comment. I am one of Kelly's (Lucy's mom - Lucy in the sky with diamonds)friends. I am hoping you get your travel dates very very soon! Thanks, Kathy
email: kathyrevell@gmail.com

Kimi said...

I would love to have the password to your new blog. I found your site a while ago from Kelly's blog. I will give you my blog address so you can check me out and know it is safe.....okay and to also show off our precious son that we adopted from China.


my email: nan7535@suddenlink.net


karleigh108 said...

I would like the password for your blog too! I am hoping to pick up my little girl from Que Son in early December. I want to follow your journey to LuLu, and I would miss seeing your beautiful photos!

kris said...

That picture is ADORABLE...

Kelly said...

WAIT!! I have meant to comment a million times. I need the password.


Marianne said...

I would also like the password (first time poster but all the time reader). I have a friend who is due with her "Lulu" in a few weeks. Please send it to chloeandfinn@hotmail.com.

Jenn and BJ said...

Oh oh, I've been meaning to post. I would like to have the password, too. I'd love to continue following your journey.


Janet said...

I would love to have your password too. Just found your blog from photo class. I feel for you in waiting to travel for your girl -- I have a Chinese daughter and remember the wait well. Take care.

MaisyJoinsThePack said...

We'd love to follow along with your new blog also. We are www.maisyjoinsthepack.com.
Email: greyhoundmama@earthlink.net

Thanks! :-)

Jo said...

Please drop me the password.


Jenna and Ed said...

Hey, I hope I'm not too late...I've been reading your blog for some time now and forgot to ask for the password. I'd love to continue to follow your journey! HOpe that travel comes soon!!!!

email is:ejstoll@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

I need the new password too. I can't miss out on hearing about Lulu:)


Anonymous said...

Another long time reader, hardly ever commenter. Am enjoying your story so far and am eager to see Lulu come home!


Anonymous said...

I am in NC too and we hope to adopt from VN too. I have been following your blog for a long time. Please include me so I can follow the rest of your journey! Thx.


Liz said...

So I follow your blog for over a year and you get me to the point of shameless, hopeless addiction and then switch to a password?! I must have the password...I'm hooked, I'm at the edge of my seat, I curse the powers that be that haven't approved travel, I feel like I too have been "waiting for Lulu"...and I can't stop now! Not when things are just about to get so exciting! Please, please include me!



leslie ruth said...

If you're willing, I would love to have the password to your new blog. I'm one of Laura and Serena's friends (I taught Jenna when she was in 4th grade at Trinity) and have avidly followed your adoption story. I would love to be in the know so I could keep praying for y'all!
email: leslieruth.petree@gmail.com

Kerry said...

Hi, I've been following your blog, too! We are waiting on a referral for our first baby from VN. We just moved our blog from blogspot to WP, too and it's great.
Here is ours so you can 'check me out' before you decide if you'd like to give me your password

my email: kerryanneoreilly@gmail.com

I love your photography!

Take care,

Jena said...

I've been following for a loooonnnng time. But I mostly lurk. I would love the password if you feel ok about giving it. I would be happy to email our blog address if you eamil me....

Anonymous said...

Help--I still haven't received the password. I would hate to not get to follow the rest of your journey.



Sara said...

Hi Emily,
Can you send me the password when you get a chance? Thanks!

Katherine said...

I'd like your new password too, if that's okay. We're waiting to travel to Bac Ninh for our DD and I've got it in my head that we won't be able to travel until you've gotten home;) Don't know why!


Thanks, Katherine

Lisbeth said...

I would love to have the password to your new blog. I have just begun the adoption process and love following along with you on your journey. Seems like we may even live close to each other (I live in Fuquay and work in Pittsboro). Anyway, I just started a blog at www.fillard.blogspot.com and my email address is lalexan@chatham.k12.nc.us.

Stacey said...

would love to have the password. My e-mail is staceygaffney@mindspring.com

Brenda said...

How all is ok with you Emily! Hang in there during this difficult wait! I don't have as much time as I used to but would really love to try to keep up on your new blog especially when you travel! Please email me the password!

Sarah said...

Long time reader but infrequesnt commenter here too... would love to follow your journey to Lulu!


Heather said...

I love your photography and have considered your blog a "crash course" in the adoption process. I'd love the password to continue to follow your journey, and hope you are on your way soon! heatrebraid@hotmail.com.

Sandy said...

I would love your password! I am a faithful reader. :)


My email: lilfam07@gmail.com

Leslie & Shaune said...

i would love your password.


adopting from vietnam also :)

maf3559 said...

Would love to continue reading your blog! It is just great. We are just in the home study process for VN! I hope I can follow your journey! Mary Ann

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bernard n. shull said...

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Margaret Sims said...


I followed your blog faithfully until you changed to "password protected" I am a "grammy" to 2 adorable little girls & watch them while mommy works. I would love to have the password so Chloe & Hailey & I can follow along. We miss Lulu's smiling face. Hailey is the same age as Lulu & gets so excited when she sees her picture.

(e-mail) Mbsims@charter.net